Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Safety First

Finally made it to Quito, Ecuador @ 9,300´above sea level. The flight down out of Houston was uneventful at best although I did chat almost the entire flight duration with Tim, an airplane accident investigator. "The Eucadoran Government asked me to come down and help out. One of their military planes that we manufactured hit an apartment building 2.5 miles out of runway 35 (main Quito airport that comes in between the volcanos righ), killing four people. I only deal with fatals."

It was a very interesting conversation indeed, five hours of plane crash talk. "You hear the one about the twin engine plane that loses one of it´s engines?" he asks. "The passenger says, `how far can we make it on just one engine?´ "Probabaly all the way to the crash site,"says the pilot!

Here´s a few pics from Quito on a semi-clear day of WX. One good day of weather is better than 6 bad days.

Thanks DP on the hotel rec. in Quito Viejo - bastante chingonese!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Zoom Street Magazine - March 2009

Some of my Cartoneros fotos from Buenos Aires we're published this month in Zoom Street Magazine out of San Diego. Thanks Jim McMenamin for the opportunity