Sunday, October 23, 2005

Everything is different now

Sitting on my back deck in the ghetto, West Oakland to be exact, chugging a quart of warm salt water - its an annual cleanse called the Master cleanse, or the 'Lemonade Diet'. 10oz. of purified water with 2 TBLS. of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 2 TBLS. of grade B maple syrup. It's good for the colon but not according to several western doctors. Today is Day 6.

My house and my mind are in slight disarray as I prepare to say goodbye to my meager possessions and my friends and family. The plane leaves for Buenos Aires leaves a week from Wednesday on the 2nd of November arriving just 2 days before Samantha's 30th birthday.

The thing is... I'm going back for a five month trial - a run through, checking it out to see if I can really make this happen - to live in another country far far away from everyone and my friends, even though they are encouraging, jealous, excited and sad. All these details - the IRS, the parking tickets, new camera gear that I must have but can't afford, change of address to where I'm not sure yet, a 'newer' computer to run the new Photoshop CS2 to see the new images from my new camera that I can't afford and can't even view without this new software. I'm gonna have to make some money while I'm down there if I ever want to come home again. Once again, its all about money and what it can or can not buy. But that's why I'm leaving in the first place - leaving this consumerism, all of the obnoxious options in those stores... to try something new and different and to be with a woman I just met that I hardly know but want to know more. She's the real reason. She represents a purer life, a simpler life. Pura Vida - out dancing the night away. What the future holds we do not no but love is stronger than all.