Friday, July 25, 2008

Shooting San Francisco

"Not much Dog, what's up wid you?!"

More blur in Chinatown

Toilet seat paper dispenser - Wild Side West, Bernal Heights

Wolf Parade @ The Fillmore

Joseph Arthur solo acoustic at the Great American Music Hall

Christo Columbus looking out over North Beach above the Filbert steps.

Two girls on wall - Lower Height

Two girls walk by wall - 24th and Harrison - The Mission District

Lookie Lou Laundry - Chinatown

Fish-eyein' in downtown SF

Recent scenes from our fair city by the Bay. Finally gallery from this past 3 weeks of shooting for RG coming next week. Here's some add'l images from late last fall.

* thanks Senatra and Spears for the companionship to which these pics were made.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scenes from Chinatown

Fernet What?

OK - that's great that SF thinks its the Fernet capitol, which its not - Buenos Aires is the Fernet Capitol, and probably some places I've never been to in Italy - but the green shit or menta, espanol for MENTHOL (mint)?! THAT is SF's best kept secret?! Let's keep it that way... sheesh.

And thanks Pablo Rivas for bringing back the old taste on your recent SF visit. For those of you who have never truly experienced the true BA Fernet experience, it's always to be mixed with Coca Cola - precisely 45-40% Fernet and the rest is Coke, and then lots of ice (and always well carbonated Coke, never from a tap gun or any other flat or watered down source) to give it that nice foamy brown head. In some strange ways it's almost like a root beer float.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Top of the Rio & Good Night Las Vegas

Thanks Paula Glaser for the loaner 15mm f/2.8 lens (above) and to Danny Palmerlee (aka Travel Burro) for the hour long Adobe Lightroom session on the phone, specifically on color conversion exports in Lightroom*. Who the hell still uses RGB 1998?! sRGB is the ONLY way to export! Tommy and Ethan... where R U! Now to redo my DWF document for 20008 - to infinity and beyond. There's a whole slew of folks to thank for this past 12 days shooting in Las Vegas, including both of my younger sisters Leslie and Kristie.

* Up until now I've been batch exporting pics to this blog (see previous posts from Vegas below) with very flat colors. DP finally explained the difference between the older RGB 1998 output and newer color-for-web settings, namely sRGB. FINALLY!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Playboy's Miss Janruay - The Bank Club @ Bellagio

They turned the snow machine on just for the two of us to make these pictures. "Can I put on some lip gloss?" was all that Dusty asked of me. Sure honey, knock yourself out.