Thursday, January 10, 2008


Pinky's in Ocean Park - San Juan, Puerto RicoProbably one of the coolest eateries outside of Old San Juan and pretty much anywhere on the island - for daily fresh food cooked and served with love - Pinky's in Ocean Park puts out. Dave and I basically ate here everyday for the two weeks that we were in PR and loved it.
The dream child of proprietor Alex Garcia, his friends told him he was crazy when he first opened more than seven years ago serving seven dollar gourmet sandwiches! Now it's a central hub for beach buzzers serving fresh food daily, seven days a week. Here's a blurb from the back of his menu which is a self-proclaimed 'cliff notes version' of the hip cafes history."Thanks for eating at Pinky's. We take pride in buying the freshest fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Pinky's Vinaigrettes and Garlic Pesto mayo are all home made (and are available by the bottle). We use extra virgin olive oil and cholesterol free canola oil. We never use preservatives. Due to our quality control, some products are subject to availability . We attend Sunday school (you should see the teacher). We reserve the right to change prices without notice (Sup?). We reserve the right of admission and to serve you. We use SPF 30 while shredding Puerto Rico's coastline.Eat Me! - Proprietor Alex Garcia"
Well... we thank you, you sweet, sexy and bohemian gals for serving up some seriously delicious food a mere two block from our pad on Calle Ismael Rivera - you ROCK too! (L-R) Vanessa, Rosanna and Greacely.

Thursday, January 03, 2008