Monday, April 30, 2007

Totally Experimental

Arriving in El Paso just on the brink of a huge West Texan thunderstorm, I limped my way through the airport amongst American GI's just returning from Iraq. There were also many German soldiers - something about training the American military for long range artillary.

My Dad picked me up and we headed back to base camp just across the border in New Mexico for a few days off before heading home to Buenos Aires. The big plan - to finally get to fly his Lancair ES - one of the best experimental aircrafts in the world.

Yesterday's weather was lousy but this morning, the sunshine broke through the clouds - here was our window of opportunity. BUT... due to my bum knee, the decission was made for me - Greg will not be able to fly today - just in case of an emergency. And that was it...

Maybe next time... que lastima!!

Southwest Desert Cacti - Anthony, New Mexico

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cops and Coffee

So... staying on this boat on the Oakland estuary just inside the San Francisco Bay while visiting my home state of California from Argentina has been - splendid - to say the very least. Despite the cold wind-swept storms with the beautiful storm clouds bursting through and my bum knee and the damp-factor and no transportation to call my own, today is a lovely warm April spring day, the CA sun is shining and I'm stoked!

Years ago when Super Dave first bought his 29' Ericson next door, the Embarcadero Cove marina was a barren sailors hideaway. With Jerry Brown's mayorship of Oakland now past, his redevelopment legacy lives on - new walkways and parks are springing up all along the waterfront and the newest addition to this hidden marina is STARBUCKS coffee just onshore right next to us. Now, I've always hated Starbucks with a passion - over priced, over roasted consumerist coffee at best - but as I near my fortieth year I'm learning to love more than hate and have made amends with the WalMart giant of retail coffee.

Most mornings that I've slept on the boat, I've hobbled my crippled self up to the welcoming warmth of overweight Americans ordering ridiculous sounding 'specialty coffee drinks' - "I'll have a non-fat, four shot carmel machiatto with a chocolate scone. Did I say whip?" - you get the picture (or maybe not for those in Argentina, one of the very few countries I've been to with NO Starbucks- yet).

But the point is that its become a sort of coven for COPS! Not just local cops but cops from all over. On any given day, there will be agents from the Alameda County Sheriffs, Oakland Police Department (OPD), California Highway Patrol (CHiPs - like Frank and Poncherelo, from TV), Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police, special K-9 units from god knows where, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA - NARCS), the fire department and on and on. But TODAY, there were these two rotund figures coming out of the trees and up the walkway towards Starbucks. At first I couldn't see them very well, and then realized they were in full green camouflage body warrior-type suites. One male, one female, just off of the Coast Guard zodiac parked at the next marina over - with the .50 caliber machine gun mounted up front - you know, for terrorists.

Just wanted to share this with you... the transformation of the USofA towards a full-on police state - thanks GW. Last time I flew into SFO there were military personal patrolling the airport with Humvees and M-16's!! If you need any more info on the loss of free speech in this country, please visit Josh Wolf's website to read about his 7 1/2 months in Federal prison for 'withholding evidence' from the grand jury. Wolf is the longest journalist to be held in contempt of court in US history WITHOUT BEING CHARGED FOR A CRIME! He was just released from prison on April 3rd, welcome back brother.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bloggin' from Van Kleef's - OAKTOWN

Yeah... so my mobile road warrior wireless program has been great. One of my life goals - take my show on the road - virtual office. And they server beer here!

Unfortunately, I forgot a couple of necessary cables for my photography program - lame - and have had limited time and access to my images that I've shot while on this trip to California.

BUT... thank goodness that Sarah Wheeler busted out her... point and shoot at MT's 40th birthday bash. Here are a couple for the whole world to revel in. What else on the creative front?
Well... the bartertender here at Van Kleef's is a smash hit - Jesse Quattro - a one woman Oaktown wonder (props Jessie)!
Had dinner with my ex-girlfriend Jill Krueger today at Sushi Groove in SF. I'm getting into and out of real quick like. Still staying on a boat in the Embarcadero Cove Marina. Still hobbling around with a cane and moving very slowly. I'm headed to San Jose, CA tomorrow for two days.

I have a crush on Jesse the bartender (always have, always will). Jerry Brown, ex-mayor of Oakland used to sit right where I'm sitting (now top cop for the state of California). Sarah Wheeler rocks! (top pic left). MT's b-day bash was a smash hit (right on Sparky and Steele).

Talking Argentina with the other bar guy (Tom)... I think he's the brother of the other cute blonde bartender Robin (nope). She's heading to South America to visit me and then marry a mate farmer. I'll send her to Paraguay
Nick Cave is doing his thing on the in-house stereo.

Photo's Captions:
  1. MT doin' his silly crazy cowboy with my 4x Stettson beaver hat. Sarah Wheeler on the left and Michelle Alexander to the right. HAAY!
  2. That's Goyo on the left, sexy-Debra in the middle and the lucious Mei Mei Han on the right.
  3. And there they are... the lucky couple. Sparky gave us her incredibly soulful rendition of Amazing Grace by Darren 'The Cool' Dentists backyard fire pit and MT (aka SUPER BLACKSICAN silently went to sleep).
Happy 40th my brother.